The technology that anticipates tomorrow by 10%

Our prime objective? To extend tyre life and save our customers time and money, without compromising on performance. Rather, improving performance even more compared to similar competing products.

Marangoni’s response has a name: Eltor EVO. This new range can withstand a high number of working hours (10% more compared to other premium products) by generating less heat, the result of a new structure and optimised characteristics of the compounds. The results achieved today with Eltor EVO in terms of reliability, performance and safety were unconceivable just a few years ago.

-8% *

Lower rolling resistance

-20% *

Lower energy consumption

-15% *

Reduced heat production

+10% *

Longer life

*Tests conducted in the laboratory with other premium products.

Longer continuous service without stopping for maintenance means savings in terms of time and costs, as well as reducing environmental impact.
Less replacements mean less CO2 emissions, beneficial for the environment.

More time, more EVOlution

Thicker tread

New tread structure, with the 60J positioned on a smaller diameter

= longer life compared to other premium products

Evolved and upgraded compounds

Compounds designed for better rolling resistance and less friction between the tread and the ground

= lower energy consumption and maximum battery efficiency

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